Hard Hats – Safety First

waterproof safety boots

Anyone working in potentially dangerous environments needs to wear an approved hard hat.

It’s a vital part of construction site etiquette around the world – wearing hard hats is compulsory for anyone working on or visiting a site. That’s because the risk from falling objects or from tripping whilst walking is increased on a building site. Hard hats are essential pieces of safety equipment as are waterproof safety boots.


waterproof safety boots

waterproof safety boots

The Reasons for Wearing Hard Hats

There are many dangers on a construction site, no matter what size it is, or what’s being built. Workers, site managers and visitors are all at risk of significant head injury whilst on site, which is why hard hats are now worn by everyone who visits a site, from the project manager to the visiting school group. Hard hats help to prevent serious injuries such as skull fractures, brain lesions and general head and face injuries. Injury rates on building sites where wearing hard hats is compulsory have reduced significantly, showing that a good quality, industry-recognised hard hat can make all the difference:

  • Protection from falling objects – even the smallest object can cause serious injury if dropped from a height. There’s an urban myth that a penny dropped from the top of theEmpireStateBuilding would generate enough force to kill someone on the pavement below. This isn’t true, but a heavy bolt or a tool that falls off scaffolding above you could do serious injury to your head if you’re not wearing a hard hat.
  • Protection from bumps – any construction site is a mass of scaffolding, large equipment, bricks, stones, partitions and other large objects. It’s all too easy to bump your head when walking around the site – either from not bending low enough to get through smaller gaps, or from straightening up too quickly when you enter a room or building area. Hard hats help to protect you when these incidents happen – preventing anything from a small bruise to major skull damage.
  • Protection from tripping – hard hats can’t stop you from tripping over, but they can help to protect your head when you fall. Tripping is a common hazard on a construction site, even when all the rules are adhered to. That’s just because sites are so busy with deliveries, moving equipment and supplies from one place to another and the practicalities of digging out and building up. The front of your skull is particularly vulnerable if you fall and the construction of hard hats means that you’ll be far less likely to sustain an injury if you wear one.

Roofing in London: The benefits of insulation



Putting good insulation into your roof is part of our job. As part of our established business concentrating on providing quality roofing in London, we ensure that we fit the appropriate insulation for your building.

Insulation can have several benefits. It is the most energy-efficient item you can add to your home or office, keeping the building warm or cool, depending on the weather conditions. Bad insulation can result in the loss of between 50% and 70% of heat from your home, which has a significant impact on your heating bills.

It’s important that you get the right type of insulation for your building, and that it is properly fitted. Badly fitted insulation reduces its effectiveness, as the heat can escape through the smallest of spaces. Rather than fitting it yourself, ask your roofing contractor to fit it for you whilst they are working on your roof. This will ensure that it’s professionally fitted.

There are a number of types of insulation material available, and we can advise you on what may be the best types of insulation for you. Good insulation not only improves your energy consumption, but can reduce external noise and keep insects at bay. Talk to us about how we can incorporate the most appropriate insulation into your roofing project.

Boilers Become TV Stars…

News from Valiant Boilers

One of our many boilers recently became a star of the screen, and in the International Year of Biodiversity, manufacturers have never had a better time to raise awareness about reducing our carbon footprint while promoting the installation of efficient ‘A’ rated boilers.

Vaillant is one of Europe’s leading heating system manufacturers, and we offer a range of EcoTEC Plus and EcoTEC Exclusive combi boilers. After their £2 million advertising investment, you will be able to see Vaillant boilers appearing on television. Raising awareness about the environment, the £2 TV advertising campaign was to generate even more sales in their efficient combi boilers.

As a proud stockist of Vaillant boilers, as well as many other respected boiler brands such as Glow Worm, Worcester, and Baxi boilers, we think this is great news and hope that this campaign reaches many home owners across the UK.

The message within the campaign is clear; UK households can save over a third on energy bills while reducing the carbon footprint. Launched in February 2010, the advert has been broadcast on ITV, channel 4, Channel 5 and other popular digital TV channels.

All Vaillant boilers are designed with the following in mind: subsequent recycling, safe scrapping, environmental hazards, the ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and the GWP (Global Warming Potential). Vaillant boilers have a rating of zero in both ODP and GWP.


“As manufacturers, Vaillant is dedicated to raising awareness of the range of efficient heating renewable energy solutions available to householders across the UK,” said Dave Lacey of Vaillant. This responsibility is also trickled down to us here at Plumbtraders and that’s why we think it’s so important for companies in our industry to work together for a better, more sustainable environment.

Working in partnership with the best manufacturers of combi boilers and boiler spares, we believe that we can make significant changes during the International Year of Biodiversity, as declared by the United Nations.

The benefits of steel strapping

When it comes to choosing materials for strapping, there are a number of options. The list that you can choose from will look something like this:

• Polypropylene

• Polyester

• Nylon

• Corded and woven


• Composite

The final option is steel strapping and there are some significant benefits to this material. Of course your needs will dictate the type of strapping that is best for your purpose, but these are the advantages of steel.


Advantages of steel

Steel is the oldest type of strapping and this shows that it is a material that has been and still is heavily relied upon.

Steel is also the strongest type of strapping available and it is used widely in the world of construction. It has the highest tensile strength of any strapping material and this makes it suitable for a whole array of tasks.

There is minimal stretch wit steel and this makes it the best choice for lots of jobs where materials must be held firmly in place.

For these reasons steel strapping is well worth considering for your construction work.

Used excavators – did second hand diggers and more

If you work in an industrial or construction related job you may well require heavy plant machinery such as excavators to carry out your work. Of course such equipment is expensive but it is possible to save a few quid, or even a few thousand by purchasing used excavators and other similar kit. In times like these saving cash has got to be a good thing, so consider the benefits of buying second hand:

• Save money – the first benefit that we have already mentioned is that used excavators and other machinery can save you money, and lots of it. Used equipment can be thousands of pounds cheaper than new kit and in these austere times such savings can be invaluable.

• Get great machinery – just because this equipment is second hand, it does not mean that it is inferior. Companies that sell such machines ensure they are in top working order so you should have no problems using them for your projects.

• Recycle – using second hand plant machinery is a form of recycling and old machines would be disposed of unnecessarily if it weren’t for people buying them. This indirectly benefits the environment as it saves energy: the energy it would take to produce replacement machines and the energy needed to dispose of old equipment. Who would’ve thought huge machines like this can actually help companies to be green!

Hot Tubs and Decking – The Ultimate Accessories for a Modern Gardens

Have you got an empty corner in your garden that you need to fill with something exciting? Why not treat yourself to a hot tub and some fabulous decking ?

The popularity of hot tubs in ordinary homes has rapidly increased over the last few years, and for good reason. Many people are saving the money they’d normally have spent flying abroad for two weeks in high season and are instead opting to remain at home for a stay-cation. What better way to enjoy your time off in style, by investing that saved capital, and adding a hot tub to your home. It’ll also increase the value of your home when you decide to move on.

Where to Install your New Hot Tub – Delightful Decking

All you need to have a hot tub installed is a flat area large enough to hold your desired tub with access to an electrical point. A decked area is perfect for a hot tub and will also add to the attractiveness of your garden on the whole. There’s no need to construct a special platform before delivery of your hot tub because they all have tough ABS industrial plastic bases. You don’t necessarily want to step out of your hot tub straight onto muddy lawns or sharp, painful shingle. The base should be strong enough to hold the weight of the hot tub when it’s filled with water plus the maximum number of people your model can hold. Having the option to set up a gazebo over your hot tub for that added extra shelter, if it rains, is a great addition too. You can find delightful decking from edecks which, with your hot tub, will be the perfect combination for your garden.

Telescopic Ladders – Factors to Remember when Fitting Loft Ladders

In terms of storage potential, few aspects of the home are as proficient as the loft and more and more homeowners are installing loft ladders in order to make use of this space. Loft ladders are easy to install and utilise.


Most homes today have some form of loft space and in order to make use of this additional space, you will invariably require the use of one of the many varieties of loft ladders. Generally speaking, it is fairly easy to pick, install and use loft ladders but there are a number of valuable hints and tips that it may be prudent to bear in mind when it comes to fitting loft ladders in your property. The installation of loft ladders is set to increase exponentially in 2009 as more and more homeowners look to add value to their properties in light of the economic fall out of the credit crunch and loft spaces are an extremely viable option when it comes to adding value to a property. By purchasing loft ladders, homeowners can provide themselves with easy access into their roof space in order to assess how best to utilise the area.

Loft Ladders – Importance of Safety


The principle reason to make use of loft ladders is to provide safe and easy access to your loft space. Loft ladders are available in many different forms ranging from wooden loft ladders to the aluminium variety but choosing which form of loft ladders are right for you is often a matter of personal preference and choosing one that fits in well with the surroundings of your home. Different types of loft ladders each have their advantages and disadvantages so when making the decision of which is right for you, it is a good idea to explain your requirements to loft ladders experts who will be in the position to offer their advice on which type may be best suited to your needs.

Loft Ladders – Installation Tips


Before buying loft ladders, it is imperative to do some preparation, such as ensuring that you have the requisite space to install loft ladders and that you clear the space around your loft hatch ready for the fitting of loft ladders. After installing loft ladders, check its functionally fully before using it for the first time. Make sure all the components move smoothly and it is capable of sustaining the weight that it will be subjected to.

Buy quality telescopic ladders from www.stepsnladders.co.uk for safety and practiicality for your home and elsewhere.

Make an accident injury claim at work

accident injury claim

A compensation solicitor can help you file an accident injury claim for a financial award after an accident at work.

No matter where you work, your employer has a duty to ensure that your workplace is safe and meets all the current health and safety legislation. If you work in an industrial setting, with machinery or chemicals, there will be additional trainings, warnings and guidelines to make sure that you know how to operate the machines safely and carry out your tasks without risk to yourself.

Accidents at work can occur for a wide range of reasons, and your employer is legally required to have liability insurance. In nearly all cases of employee accidents at work, including when machinery or equipment has been borrowed from a third party, the employer is responsible and needs to show that they have made every reasonable attempt to comply with legislation and to communicate with employees.

Your company should have an accident book, where your accident should be recorded as soon as it occurs. If your company does not have an accident book, you should ask for the incident to be recorded separately by your manager, the personnel manager or another senior member of staff. You may be asked to sign the record of the event, in which case you need to read it through to make sure that it describes the accident properly. If you decide to consult a compensation solicitor later on, the accident record will be a key piece of evidence.

Your solicitor will also want to know about any witnesses to the accident, and whether any similar events have occurred at your workplace in the recent past. Further investigation may be needed into whether you were given appropriate training, or whether you had asked for guidelines or explanations and were not given any. In addition, if your accident was due to slipping or falling, your compensation solicitor will look into whether there was adequate warning of possible danger and whether your employer was meeting their duty of care.

Accidents at work are commonplace and many do not result in compensation claims, let alone a compensation award. There are cases, however, where the employer is clearly negligent and where damages can be awarded. Your compensation solicitor can advise you on whether you have a case.

Bespoke log cabins – 3 great outdoor buildings

Bespoke log cabins

There can be numerous benefits to having outdoor buildings constructed on your property. They can give you space to relax, to work or to pursue a hobby. There are a range of these bespoke log cabins to choose from too and one of the following 3 could be just what you need:


1) Workshops

If you are a keen DIYer or you like to pursue hobbies such as carpentry, mechanics or even inventing, an outdoor workshop is invaluable. You can make a mess out here and tinker to your heart’s content.


2) Garden offices

If you are starting up a new business or if you work from home a lot a garden office could be just what you need. It is a space designated for doing work so are less likely to be distracted than in your house and you can enjoy peace and quiet when you need it.


3) Summer Houses

Moving away from work to relaxation now, with summer houses. In the warmer months they are a great place to enjoy a drink and get some shade from the sun and even at colder times they can be used with a patio heater to enjoy the crisp days of winter in comfort.