Bespoke log cabins – 3 great outdoor buildings

Bespoke log cabins

There can be numerous benefits to having outdoor buildings constructed on your property. They can give you space to relax, to work or to pursue a hobby. There are a range of these bespoke log cabins to choose from too and one of the following 3 could be just what you need:


1) Workshops

If you are a keen DIYer or you like to pursue hobbies such as carpentry, mechanics or even inventing, an outdoor workshop is invaluable. You can make a mess out here and tinker to your heart’s content.


2) Garden offices

If you are starting up a new business or if you work from home a lot a garden office could be just what you need. It is a space designated for doing work so are less likely to be distracted than in your house and you can enjoy peace and quiet when you need it.


3) Summer Houses

Moving away from work to relaxation now, with summer houses. In the warmer months they are a great place to enjoy a drink and get some shade from the sun and even at colder times they can be used with a patio heater to enjoy the crisp days of winter in comfort.


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