The benefits of steel strapping

When it comes to choosing materials for strapping, there are a number of options. The list that you can choose from will look something like this:

• Polypropylene

• Polyester

• Nylon

• Corded and woven


• Composite

The final option is steel strapping and there are some significant benefits to this material. Of course your needs will dictate the type of strapping that is best for your purpose, but these are the advantages of steel.


Advantages of steel

Steel is the oldest type of strapping and this shows that it is a material that has been and still is heavily relied upon.

Steel is also the strongest type of strapping available and it is used widely in the world of construction. It has the highest tensile strength of any strapping material and this makes it suitable for a whole array of tasks.

There is minimal stretch wit steel and this makes it the best choice for lots of jobs where materials must be held firmly in place.

For these reasons steel strapping is well worth considering for your construction work.


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