Roofing in London: The benefits of insulation



Putting good insulation into your roof is part of our job. As part of our established business concentrating on providing quality roofing in London, we ensure that we fit the appropriate insulation for your building.

Insulation can have several benefits. It is the most energy-efficient item you can add to your home or office, keeping the building warm or cool, depending on the weather conditions. Bad insulation can result in the loss of between 50% and 70% of heat from your home, which has a significant impact on your heating bills.

It’s important that you get the right type of insulation for your building, and that it is properly fitted. Badly fitted insulation reduces its effectiveness, as the heat can escape through the smallest of spaces. Rather than fitting it yourself, ask your roofing contractor to fit it for you whilst they are working on your roof. This will ensure that it’s professionally fitted.

There are a number of types of insulation material available, and we can advise you on what may be the best types of insulation for you. Good insulation not only improves your energy consumption, but can reduce external noise and keep insects at bay. Talk to us about how we can incorporate the most appropriate insulation into your roofing project.


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